Private Coaching


Amy is currently accepting private clients. Sessions last approximately 1 hour and are tailored to the needs of the individual. Private Sessions are most effective on an ongoing basis. To get the most out of your Private Coaching experience it's best to meet at least once a week. 

Cost Per Session

There is a sliding scale for students who need it. What you pay within the range depends on your financial circumstances. It’s an honor system. You don't need to explain why you pay the amount you pay. Please don’t abuse the spirit of the sliding scale by paying less or more than is affordable for you.

Sliding Scale: $80 - $160 per hour 

*Discounts available for purchasing multiple sessions upfront.


In some cases, further discounts and scholarships are available. These scholarships are rewarded to those passionate about learning the work and who are also committed to study on a long term basis. The process to earning a scholarship includes a conversation, proof of financial need, and a statement of interest. For inquires use the form below.


If you have any questions regarding private sessions please use the form below. 

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